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Cupola is both design and pleasure with its simplicity and beauty.

The sculptural lamp represents the moon and a condition of peace and meditation.

Cupola is manufactured in two styles; stainless steel with a white light shade in hand-blown glass, or burnished steel with a brass core and top with a smoked glass light shade that is hand-blown by Anders Roed.

Both styles have an all-touch surface so you can increase or decrease the power of the light by the touch of your finger. That way you can light up the whole room, but also reduce it for a more cosy feeling.

Specifications    H 200cm x W 60cm 


Colours             Silver & white // black & grey


Materials           Stainless steel // burnished steel & brushed brass


Electrical          Max 75W Dimmable Halogen

Price                DKK 6,995

Picture by Liselotte Plenov

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