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Multa Sticks

Smoked Oak & Smoked Glass
Smoked Oak & Zinc
Smoked Oak & Opal Glass
Smoked Oak Stick
Smoked Oak & Zinc

Multa Sticks 

Multa Sticks offer another way of building your own bookcase, and are a real piece of multifunctionality. The idea is that you can always change your shelves.
The Multa Sticks can be placed in any pattern to form your personal bookcase or kitchen shelf.
Multa sticks can also be used as coat hooks. The shelves come in different sizes and can be moved around easily.

Multa Sticks should challenge the customer, allowing each individual to start his or her creative process.

The sticks are made of oak, and are manufactured in two styles: soaped oak or smoked oak.

Specifications   Sticks: Ø 2.8cm x L 20cm 

                        Shelves: H 3mm x L 19cm x W 40cm // 70cm // 100cm 


Colours           Dark or light brown


Materials         Oak & zinc, smoked or opal glass  


Price              Sticks (pack of three) DKK 399

                     Shelves  40cm DKK 299 // 70cm DKK 499 // 100cm DKK 599


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