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Pet Basket 




Playground is a partially handmade pet basket and is a functional piece of furniture and art.

For Charlotte, ideas for products often occur when she wants to fill a need.

In this case Charlotte was not satisfied with her dog’s pillow-like pet basket in the living room, so the creativity started flowing.

Playground has taken a long time to finalise and has been carefully worked through. The circle provides cosiness and security, while the dog is able to enjoy being above the surface.The pet basket is suitable for both dogs and cats.

Playground is comes with legs or wheels, and can be purchased with duvet or leather plaid.

Tested by dogs and certified for a good night's sleep.


Specifications  L 80 cm x W 60 cm X H 27cm 


Colours          Dark or light brown

Materials        Oak   

Price              DKK 5,895


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