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Coffee Table

Nonchalant multifunctional coffee tables finished with a steel frame.
The tables come in two sizes and many designs, which provide multiple opportunities for combining the tables in different ways. The tables can be used as bedside tables, but can also be combined as the perfect coffee table in any living room or lounge.

Moreover, the countertop of each table are exchangeable so that the same table can be renewed several of times.
Currently we offer countertops in four different styles:
-Black Leather
-Smoked Glass (grey)
-Glass with four different laser cut letters for each quarter of 
Copenhagen (K, N, V, Ø)

The tables can be bought separate or in pairs.
The countertop is ordered separately.


Base DKK. 1799,-

Top prices:

AcidZinc DKK. 599,-
Lether DKK. 1399,-
Smoked Glass DKK. 699,-
Copenhagen Glass DKK. 1595,-

Coffee Table

SKU: 21354654
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